ubudu Location Manager is accessible through a web manager. This manager is used to setup maps, position uSensor BLE devices, display computed positions or check health status of installed hardware.

Main Page

On the main page, the three main features are:

  • map configuration (Maps)
  • tag configuration (Tags)
  • tag position display (Live).

A map configuration is used to add gateway and dongles. uSensor BLE devices must be precisely positioned on the map. The accuracy is paramount for proper position computations.


This page lists all the map previously configured. It is possible to add a new map, refresh the image and the size from Ubudu back office or add uSensor BLE devices.

Add new map

To add a new map, click the new button (see previous screen) to display the “Add new map” popup. Then take your personal access tag from the back office and select your application/venue/map. You should see the map downloaded and display with size calculated depending on your map geolocation.

Go to map configuration page

Once the map is added, click the blue button with an eye to enter map configuration screen.

Map configuration

In this page, you can add uGateway or uSensors BLE. Each device will be listed with health status and information such as mac address, IP address etc...

Add new uGateway

A uGateway is identified by its IP address in the network. Tag tracking server must be on the same network for the solution to work. A uGateway can be disable or enabled. When disabled no connection will be established.

Position of a uGateway on the map is useful only to keep track of actual physical gateway location. It has no implication on computing positions.

List connected uSensor Dongles BLE

When a uSensor Dongle BLE has been added and is connected (its color becomes green), you can list all USB connected uSensors BLE. This process is recommended to simplify mac address detection. It is also possible to manually add the uSensors BLE if you know associated mac addresses.

Rename and add the detected uSensor Dongle BLE

When adding a uSensor Dongle BLE choose a local name useful for you to identify it on the map. By default, a uSensor BLE is named (gateway_name)_(major)_(usb_number).

Go to tag page

Add tags to track

A tag is identified by an ID and its mac address. You can also pick a color to split tag by groups.

Synchronize Ubudu Location Engine

You need to synchronize all your changes with Ubudu Location Engine.

Go to position display

Check real time token position

Now that everything is configured, you can select a token in the drop down list and watch with wonder its position displayed on the map and quickly refreshed.

This screen also displays the uSensors BLE that were used for the position computation with the value used:

  • Green: uSensor BLE used for computation
  • Yellow: uSensor BLE was detected but not used for computation
  • Red: uSensor BLE unused and undetected

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