Indoor location

When it comes to real-time indoor and outdoor positioning, Ubudu Location SDK estimates the smartphone’s position within an indoor venue by retrieving the surrounding Bluetooth signals and fusing them with the smartphone’s built-in motion sensors.

Ubudu uses algorithms such as Pedestrian Dead Reckoning and Particle Flow Filtering to produce down to 2/3 meters accurate positions and display them on a floor plan.

Wayfinding, automatic floor selection and BLE-GPS switching features are also included.

The indoor location SDK is available in our public Github (source code + tutorials):


Simple BLE emitters (anchors) are dispatched through all the area.

While the mobile phone is moving, it is able to receive the surrounding BLE signals, collect them and then calculate its own position.

Ubudu SDKs also enable the phone to send the calculated position to the Manager.


Depending on your use cases and indoor site's topology, you can use either of the following two approaches to determine a position :

Step by step

This part will drive you through your mobile tracking setup:

  1. Configure the back office
  2. Install your beacons​ (be helped with our Deployment Manager)
  3. Integrate the mobile SDKs
  4. Analyse your location data​

Note: After step 1, each time your modifications are done, make sure to run the following URL:​
(with XXXX the ID of your Application)

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