General case

You want to track your assets in any place whatsoever.

Beacon installation

The asset is always surrounded by Bluetooth signals.


The smartphone fuses all available information sources:

How many beacons?

You will need a dense architecture of beacons (approximately 1 beacon per 40m²) to cover your tracks, so that the smartphone always detects at least 2 beacons.

Where to attach the beacons?

You can attach them to walls, furniture and the ceiling. Try avoiding metallic surfaces since BLE is a radio wave and easily rebounds on those kind of surfaces (multi-path effect), hence adding noise to the signal.

Known limitations

Wall crossing: since RSSI computation is one of the indoor location’s basics, thin or glass walls will not block the BLE signal enough, hence not preventing your smartphone to detect a beacon in another room.

Multi-path effect: explained above, BLE signal bounces on surfaces, especially metallic onces and creates noise.

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