Manage your fleet

Go to your map and click on "Manage beacons".

You will see the current architecture as you have lastly configured it in ubudu Manager.

From this view you will have access to 3 features:

1. Add a beacon to the map

1.1 Create a position for your beacon

Click on "Position locked", click on the pin icon and place it on the map, at the location where you want to install your beacon.

1.2 Select your beacon

Take your beacon and connect it to your computer with a USB/UART cable (this won't work if you use a regular USB cable).

Click on the previously created position, then on "Detect beacon": the application will automatically detect the plugged beacon.

Note that the beacon has to be already linked to your account.

Once your beacon is detected, click on "Select beacon" to assign the beacon to the position.

After that you can physically place your beacon.

1.3 Synchronize with the cloud Manager

Go back to the venues and maps lists, and launch their synchronization with ubudu Manager. (button "Sync with Ubudu BO")

2. Replace a beacon on the map

this section is currently being updated

3. Delete a beacon from the map

this section is currently being updated

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