Your beacons

The beacons should appear in the beacon device tab.

If you can't find any beacon in that section, you might need to manually add them to your account.

To do so, please visit the Beacon configuration section.


To add beacons to a ubudu application, first click the edit button of the beacon.

Then, go to ‘BLE signal strength & advertising’, set the three proximity UUID to your Application UUID.

Add the beacons to your Venue

To add a beacon to a venue, go to ‘Beacon device type and identification’, choose a venue to associate.

Once it is done, you can save your settings.

Place the beacons on you map

Once you have configured all the beacons, you can set them on your indoor map, as

the following picture shows:

To do so, you must first use a rectified map for more precision.

Then, go to ‘Beacon position’ and choose ‘Edit beacon positions’.

The “Presence” field shows the status of a beacon :

  • With blue icons means that this beacon has been set on the map
  • With “x” means that this beacon is waited to be set

To add a new beacon on the map :

  • Choose one with ‘x’
  • Click the map on the left, a new red icon will appear
  • Move the red icon(Beacon) to your ideal position
  • Click “Save” to confirm your selection

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