Manage your indoor maps

The indoor map is the plan of your venue that you will update to the back office.

All the indoor location calculations will be done from this map.

This section is only suitable for indoor location solutions, it is not relevant for proximity-based setups.

How to create an indoor map

From the Venues & indoor maps on the left bar menu, display your Venue and click on the Maps button

There you will have access to the +Add buttton to create a new indoor map

On the creation page, you will be asked to upload your map image file.

Note: this image will be the one displayed in our solutions. Consequently, we strongly advise to use a image with the best possible resolution.

Once you have uploaded the indoor map, an ID will be created automatically. You should also set the floor.

Once you are finished creating the new indoor map, you can click on Create at the bottom of the page.

Once your map is uploaded, you will have access to different operations:

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