Edit beacon configuration

It is possible to completely configure the beacon in the Manager platform.

Once all the changes have been done you will have to connect to the beacon (with Bluetooth, using our iOS application) and make it synchronizing with the Manager.

Go to the beacons list view and click on the "Edit" button, associated to the beacon you want to configure.

You can change the beacon’s name (by default it is composed by the bluetooth’s payload major and minor values).

When using the Location SDK, it is important to set the Venue field to link the beacon with one of your Venues.

We advise you to let the following information be set by default, unless you are not using one of our beacons:

  • Manufacturer
  • Hardware revision
  • Firmware revision
  • Serial number
  • Hardware description

Choose the Proximity UUID corresponding to the app you want to use the beacon with.

This ID is the main one broadcasted by the beacon, together with Major ID and Minor ID.

Secure Mode and Service Mode should also have their PUUID specified, if you plan to use them.

Here you define other key advertising (broadcasting) parameters for the beacon.

• Anti-hacking protocol : Note that all beacons in this case must use the same protocol in the application. Default : none

• Major, Minor : Pre-set but can be changed. Make sure each device has a different major, minor in order to be able to use them together. In case of secured mode, only the major is used.

• Calibration RSSI : Optional. The RSSI value read at 1m distance from the beacon

• Tx power level : Optional. The Tx power level of advertising signal, as a level between 1 to 7

• Advertising frequency : Optional. The advertising interval in ms between two BLE advertising packets. Default values for iBeacon is 100ms.

This part will let you control the beacon’s LED activation.

You can set a password that will be required on every bluetooth connection attempt with the beacon.

You can define an advertising schedule to preserve your beacon’s battery life.

Once your settings are saved, you can see a general feedback of your configuration.

Apply the settings

Follow the Manual adding procedure to connect to the beacon.

Click on the "Upload" button in the top-right corner, then select “Apply Cloud Settings”.

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