Your Application

An application is the platform where you will be able to setup your project.

It will contain all your beacons as well as your venues.

Set up

If you don't have any application yet, just click on the '+ Add Application' button at the bottom of the page.

Like the picture below, if you already have created an application, you can click ‘ New application’ to create a new one.

To set up your application, you can enter the Name as you want, and set the Environment

(usually set for development), also you can choose an image as your application cover.

Generate a UUID

To get a unique UUID to connect the beacons, you can click ‘Generate’, so the Ubudu Back Office will create the three unique UUIDs for you.

ProximityUUID attribute is a primary identifier for Beacons. The purpose of this ID is to distinguish Beacons in your network, from all other beacons in networks outside your control and used by the client devices (eg. iOS applications) to specify a range to look for.

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