Orientate : Wayfinding

Wayfinding works on top of the Tracking solution, only on Mobile with the general purpose of helping people to have orientation inside a building.

Ubudu provides a basic wayfinding system :

  • 2D map display (tiled images overlaid over Google Maps or equivalent)

  • Real-time display of the position “dot” over a map

  • Automatic floor detection and switch

  • Compass view

  • POI and zone edition

  • Point of Interest (POI) search

  • Itinerary to POI drawing

  • Indoor - Outdoor transitions

For advanced wayfinding requirements Ubudu has partnered with established solution vendors in order to provide :

  • 2D vectorial map display

  • 3D vectorial map display

  • Content Management System for map vectors

  • Routing edition and calculation

  • Turn by turn navigation

Check our partner pages for a list of Map/ Wayfinding partners.

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