Use cases

Ubudu helps businesses to become more efficient, either by improving the productivity of their operations, or by accelerating the delivery of their services to customers.

For that purpose, Ubudu generates high-accuracy and real-time geolocation data, which is then processed to deliver the benefits.

Here are some of the main use case “verbs” which Ubudu can deliver :

  • Track: It can be hard to locate valuable assets such as tools and pieces, within a large facility such as a factory or a hospital. Same goes for the tracking of people : be it staff, customers or even pupils, depending on the venue type. Real-time location systems (RTLS) help finding assets/ individuals and thereby saving precious time. Studies in hospitals have shown that nurses and doctors spend 20-30 minutes per day to find medical equipment. Linked verbs : Find, Rescue, Maintain, Transport, Produce.

  • Orientate: It is not uncommon for people to get lost inside buildings of large size, despite the presence of signage. Geolocation can be used to help them find their way, using turn by turn navigation instructions on a mobile device. Linked verbs : Navigate, Find (a point of interest).

  • Activate: to trigger the automation of a machine based on presence of proximity detection, along with other configurable trigger criteria. This helps to accelerate the delivery of a service, through machines such as an ATM, a gas pump or a toll fence. Linked verbs : Automate, Detect, Trigger, Control.

  • Analytics: understand the pattern of motion within a site by collecting and analysing the geolocation data generated by assets or people. For instance, the outcome can be a heat map, a conversion report or predictions about accidents or traffic, using artificial intelligence.

Other use cases

Business process integration

If you want to trigger actions on other information systems which are part of your business processes, you can bind Ubudu to those systems, whether your location system is tag or mobile based (the binding happens server to server).

For instance, when a loaded forklift would stop moving or get into a collision, you could trigger an alert towards the Manufacturing Execution System of your factory in order to avert any charge interruption.

There are two technical alternatives to do so : by handling the trigger on Ubudu side or on your legacy system’s side. In the latter case, you will need to feed location data continuously for the system to analyse events.

Custom Applications

Ubudu provides SDKs and libraries to developers, enabling them to build mobile apps which make specific use of Bluetooth Low Energy communication; for instance, to establish a secure proximity communication channel between a smartphone and an ATM or a coffee machine or to build proximity mesh communication, in order to control all HVAC equipment in a building.

All of those use cases are possible and can be combined.

Next, let’s have a look at each of them in more detail in order to refine the solution which is right for you.

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