Detect : Proximity & Automation

Proximity, or relative distance from one item to another, can prove to be as powerful as the absolute Position when it comes to Automation. Here, the idea is to determine the proximity between two items, possibly even the distance between them, and use it to decide whether to activate a trigger or not.

Some of the use cases which have been implemented with the Ubudu platform are :

  • Sending push notifications on smartphones, based on the entry or exit of a store / an aisle, based on iBeacon or Eddystone protocol

  • Triggering a video on screens inside a store, based on the presence of a customer with specific attributes

  • Sending alerts to a staff’s tablet, equipped with a CRM app, whenever a VIP customer arrives

  • Pushing advertisement campaigns using Eddystone in the street, using signage

  • Triggering a coffee machine to start interacting with patrons, recognising them and proposing them their favourite drink

  • Opening gate fences in parking or motorway toll stations, based on the driver’s subscription to a service

  • Unlocking a specific pump at the gas station, after car and position have been recognised

  • Sending pre-orders for preparation in warehouses, whenever a car driver parks in front of a click-and-collect kiosk to get their groceries delivered

  • Updating a back-end system with a counter to then calculate a user’s bill based on usage.

All those use cases have the following in common : the user installs an app on their smartphone, accepts the location tracking terms and machines have been equipped with BLE receiving and controlling devices.

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